goldRush Rally Eleven Retrospective

Aerial view of a racetrack
goldRush Rally cars on a highway
goldRush Rally logo on the rear bumper of a car


goldRush Rally Eleven: The Next Chapter drew to a close on a hot and humid day last month in Austin, Texas. Throngs of eager spectators watched with cameras in hand as a parade of rare and exotic vehicles came roaring past one by one. Though their engines revved loud enough to make champagne flutes in the downtown area tremble, the cars inched along slowly enough to give onlookers a good view of their intricately designed vinyl wraps. From sleek to outrageous, participating cars were decked out especially for goldRush Rally. Over 9 days and 9 cities, participants had a chance to show off not only the impressive looks of their cars, but also their performance. Professional race tracks, local drive-ins, automotive museums and stretches of open highway were among the destinations of this yearly event. However, goldRush Rally is much more than a collection of destinations, personalities and beastly machines. The sum of these components amounts to one of the most impressive automotive displays in the nation, a living entity that encapsulates the thrill and energy that is automotive enthusiasm.


A car participating in goldRush Rally speeds past a crowd of spectators
View of the front bumper of a white Mercedes
Rear view of a McLaren preparing for a drag race heat
A crowd of onlookers admire goldRush Rally cars


Take a look at a collection of our favorite moments from goldRush Rally Eleven above. More information about this year’s event and previous rallies can be found at


Aerial view of hotels on the coast
goldRush Rally cars on a highway
goldRush Rally cars on a highway
Brake lights of a car participating in goldRush Rally
A group of cars participating in goldRush Rally drive under a canopy of trees
A car drives through a metropolitan area
goldRush Rally cars on a highway
Car with goldRush Rally logo outside of a hotel
A rear view of a McLaren on a brick street
Vintage trucks on a highway
View of the rear of a Porsche with goldRush Rally logo
A black supercar participating in goldRush Rally
Aerial view of a racing drag strip and surrounding areaAerial view of a crowd looking at goldRush Rally cars
A man wearing Oloi/goldRush Rally shirt
A man photographing a woman wearing an Oloi/goldRush Rally shirt among cars
A green car with gas pump featuring the Oloi logo
Crowds line the streets to view goldRush Rally cars drive by
goldRush Rally cars queued up on a city street
A black and gold Porche drives on a highway in wet conditions
Aerial view of a parking lot with goldRush Rally cars and crowd
goldRush Rally cars take a turn on a racetrack
Aerial view of a metropolitan area and bay
Aerial view of four goldRush Rally cars parked on grass
Aerial view of a parking lot with goldRush Rally cars
A crowd looks on at an orange supercar
goldRush Rally cars on a highway
Close up of the headlights of a car with colorful vinyl wrap
Four goldRush Rally cars parked on grass