I am Oloi

It's in the name. Oloi means unity, togetherness, pervasiveness. The common thread that unites people and passions. A love of motorsports and the desire to create apparel at the confluence of form and function.

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Premium materials. Loaded features. Ultimate styling.

Our approach to design is meticulous and purposeful. We seek out the highest quality fabrics, trims and components. When materials don't meet our standards, we make our own. Our commitment is to the performance, styling, and details appreciated by the discerning motorist.

from stock to spec

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"...sophistication and refinement...possibly the best pair of pants I have ever owned."


"I look forward to my next road trip wearing my new @oloiinc pants made for drivers. They are super comfy and will make the trip that much better."


" This motorsport style is Simple but comfortable and the feel is awesome.”"


"Oloi’s line-up does a superb job of combining form, function, and design. I’m definitely a big fan on their clothing and I recommend anyone, especially automotive enthusiasts to go check out their clothing line-up."


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